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Hutton House provides a unique range of services to support people with disabilities. A place to learn and get excited about the future! For more information visit
En este video Usted aprenderá como puede acceder a los servicios de Hutton House y cómo funciona el proceso de admisión. Este vídeo se basa en cómo Hutton House ayuda a las personas con barreras para encontrar empleo.

We can help you:

  • Write Resumes
  • Develop & Improve Work Skills
  • Explore Employment Options
  • Set Goals
  • Provide Support to Learn a New Job
  • Advocate for Workplace Accommodations

To participate you must:

  • Have a disability related barrier to employment
  • Be over the age of 15
  • No longer be attending secondary school
  • Have or be willing to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Live in London or Middlesex County

How to Get Started

Call 519-472-1541 ext. 232 to register.

Hutton House has many employment programs.  Once enrolled, Employment Services staff will help you to determine which program best matches your needs.

How We Help You Find A Job

Career Exploration - A variety of methods and tools are available to assist you to discover your strengths and vocational interests.

Work Action Plan - A Case Manager works with you to create a step by step plan that recognizes your interests, strengths and supports that you may require to work toward your employment goal.

Computer Training - Hutton House Learning Centre offers a fully accessible computer lab with many adaptive devices and programs.

Job Search - A Case Manager will assist you to find job opportunities in a variety of ways such as on-line resources, newspaper ads, cold calls and job development.

Job Coaching & Job Retention - Job Coaches are available to meet with you at work to help you learn your job. They will assist you off site to resolve any work related challenges.

Workshops - Each workshop is 90 minutes in length, and individuals are encouraged to sign up for multiple workshops. There is no fee.

  • Problem Solving - Discuss ways to effectively solve problems and conflicts at work.

  • Decision Making - How to make good, well thought out decisions for yourself.

  • Assertiveness - Learn how to express your thoughts, feelings and needs while considering the needs of others.

  • Social Skills - All about communicating effectively on the job and getting along with co-workers.

  • Customer Service & Cash Register Training - Learn how to provide excellent customer service and feel comfortable operating a cash register.

  • Stress & Balance - How to cope with workplace stress and stress reduction techniques.

  • Interview Skills - Help reduce your anxiety. Prepare in advance for common interview questions.

  • Disclosure - Learn the 'ins' and 'outs' of discussing your disability with an employer.

  • Job Retention - Insight into employer expectations to help you keep your job.

  • Job Search Club - Learn how to do a targeted job search.

  • Internet Job Searching - For individuals with no previous experience using the internet to search for work. 


Our Employment Programs are supported by:


  GPS - Service Canada

GPS - Service Canada

  JOBworks - Ministry of Community and Social Services

JOBworks - Ministry of Community and Social Services

  Employment Support Program & Youth En Route - Employment OntarioJOBworks - Ministry of Community and Social Services

Employment Support Program & Youth En Route - Employment OntarioJOBworks - Ministry of Community and Social Services