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Posted on September 22, 2015

By Janice Richmond

The people walking into the GoodLife Fitness location on Southdale Road near Wellington Road on this warm September workday are there to get a job done.

They enter with a business-like swagger, there to do their business of keeping fit. It’s ten in the morning.

Perhaps they don’t even know yet what type of mood they are in.

But if it’s a good mood they are looking for, the GoodLife greeter on this day is going to help them get it. 

Twenty-three-old old Mitchell Reaume has an infectious smile and an obvious spirit. He knows just about everyone by their first name and/or their nick-name. Mitchell was recently named the Employee of the Month at the fitness centre.

Mitchell earned his certificate just like every other employee of the month does, by working hard and going beyond the call of duty for the staff and customers alike.

“I arrive on time, I greet people with a positive attitude, I am caring and have happiness,” Mitchell says.

He also answers the phone, scans people in, asks how their weekend was, and asks what kind of workout they are in for today. Really it’s all about customer service, which he provides effortlessly.

Mitchell also cleans and takes care of the training rooms and cardio area. He checks the bikes to make sure they are working, cleans up the paper towels and recycles the water bottles when members forget.

On top of providing exceptional customer service, Mitchell represents the GoodLife persona. He’s fit and not shy to show it, proudly flexing his bicep after working out on the rowing machine for a few minutes. While he’s worked out with a personal trainer and job shadowed the role, Mitchell has decided his goal is to one day be assistant general manager. And who knows after that? 

His employment specialist at Hutton House, Joe Gansevles says, “Mitchell is so smart. When I carved out a job for him at Target, he took care of the toy department.

But by the time Target left Canada, Mitchell could do every job in the store, except cash.”He says not only does Mitchell love his job now at GoodLife, but the members and staff love him too. “You can’t help but feed off his positive spirit.”

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