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Employment Profile - Jones Packaging

Posted on December 17, 2014

Beyond the calm of the reception area, Jones Packaging is a hectic place.

Transport trucks are constantly coming and going from the loading docks.   Materials are quickly unloaded and usually within 24 hours these same materials are heading back out the door in their final form.   

The gatekeepers of all this activity are the warehouse staff.  They are constantly moving the heavy pallets of supplies, completing quality control checks and much more.

It used to be that day to day tasks such as keeping earplugs and hairnets stocked at entrances, distributing photocopier paper, delivering dockets and keeping everything clean distracted key warehouse staff from their main tasks.

Then Scott arrived and it all changed.

With support from Hutton House Employment Services, Jones hired Scott Mitchell in June 2013 to work 2 days per week, 4 hours each day.  His role has expanded since then with Scott now working 15-20 hours per week.

Scott’s current tasks see him travelling around the large warehouse, plant and administrative offices.  For example, his responsibilities include stocking earplugs, beard nets and hair nets in 9 different locations.  Photocopier paper is delivered by Scott to 15 different locations throughout the building.  A variety of other tasks fill out Scott’s job responsibilities. 

Scott completes his long list of tasks skillfully and independently.  “He’s very efficient and flies through his tasks faster and faster,” says Rob Fountain, Scott’s supervisor. 

Warehouse staff focus on other specialized tasks such as operation of equipment, shipping, receiving and quality control.  “Having Scott on board has freed up my time considerably,” adds Rob. 

Then and Now

 “At first Scott was pretty shy and timid.  But not anymore,” exclaims Rob.  “Scott has the best sense of humour,” he adds.  Although he is focused on his work, it’s common to see Scott joking and smiling. 

He saves his best jabs for his co-workers Rob, Tim, Herb, Brad, Trevor and Dan in the warehouse.  As Scott explains, “they like the wrong hockey teams.  They need to cheer for the Boston Bruins!”

The camaraderie between Scott and his co-workers is evident.  “We are not just Scott’s co-workers.  We are his friends and we take care of him.  He’s one of us,” says Rob. 

Job Carving

Scott’s position is referred to as a “job carve.”  Job carving starts with an Employment Specialist talking with staff and supervisors.  “I look for staff with specialized training doing general tasks, production bottle necks, customer service issues and other opportunities,” says Joe Ganselves, Employment Specialist at Hutton House. 

“I have a roster of participants looking for work, and I match an individual and their abilities to these tasks creating a customized job placement,” he adds.  The results are a win win.  The individual becomes employed and the employer becomes more efficient.

Getting Started

In the beginning, Joe arranged an initial two week job trial to allow Scott and Jones Packaging to try things out.  During the job trial, and after Scott was hired, Joe provided direct onsite training support.  “I have the time to accommodate Scott’s learning style.  This way, if training takes longer, it’s not impacting the employer,” notes Joe.

In fact, Joe continues to be in regular contact with Rob to make sure everything is running smoothly.  He’s also handy to provide advice on how to further develop Scott’s role as he becomes more efficient and is able to expand his job tasks.

About Jones Packaging

Jones is internationally recognized for providing unique and integrated solutions for printed packaging and contract packaging, as well as quality products for the safe dispensing and delivery of medication. 

In business for more than 130 years, the company has three manufacturing locations in Ontario, as well as offices in the United Kingdom and Spain. 

The London, Ontario head office and converting facility is located just off Veterans Memorial Parkway near the airport.  For more information, please visit


About Hutton House

Since 1994 Hutton House has offered specialized employment service programs for individuals with disabilities. 

Over the past year, over 200 individuals gained employment with the assistance of Hutton House. 

Individuals may have a physical, developmental, learning and/or mental health disability. 

Hutton House Employment Services are located at the Hutton House Learning Centre in Cherryhill Village Mall. 

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