General Websites - Health Services for South West Ontario

211 Ontario (London)  211 Ontario Public Service Announcements

Ministry of Community & Social Services - Direct link to Social Assistance section.

Community Care Access Centre

Community Services Coordination Network

Food banks

Summary of Meal Calendars, Food Banks and Neighbourhood Food Depots

Community Resources for Youth with Disabilities

Employment   Provides a listing of employment websites in London.

London Public Library website - Searching for Work section

Other Organizations  Women's Community House  Special Olympics Ontario / London  Pillar Non Profit Network - Features a searchable database for volunteers.  Adult Day Care Facility - London

Videos (Informative)

Adult Day  Programs A Place To Belong June 2011

Videos (Inspirational)

Patrick Henry Hughes - Father & Son Musical Team

Dick and Rick Hoyt - Father runs triathlon with his son

China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe - 63 deaf dancers