The Hutton House Fitness Studio was renovated and expanded in April 2014 thanks to The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Government of Ontario and the Government of Ontario.  Recent funders also include Special Olympics Ontario - London, Hutton House Foundation and Hay Foundation.


Gym Memberships   

$15 per month + $35 initiation fee

Includes a Fitness Evaluation, Personalized Exercise Program and Supervised Exercise.

Fitness Classes

$45 per semester (10-12 weeks)

Includes classes such as Circuit & Sports Training, Yoga & Pilates, Dancing & Jazzercise

Nutrition Classes

$45 per semester (10-12 weeks)

Includes classes such as Microwave Chef and Muscle up with a Snack.

Senior Fitness & Wellness Classes

FREE weekly classes from January - September

Includes classes such as Boxing, Bands for Balance and Total Body Workout.


Visit the Calendars & Forms section to view the Fitness Calendar.
Call Kristy at 519-472-6381 x 230 for more information and to register!  If you are new to Hutton House, please call Sarah at 519-472-6381 x 247 to complete an intake.

Our Gym Equipment



A motorized movement therapy device that allows passive, assistive or active movement from the comfort of a chair or wheelchair.
Benefits - Maintains flexibility, reduces spasticity, builds up residual muscle strength, promotes walking ability and counteracts the consequences of lack of movement.

Rower/Ski Erg

Full Body Strength/Resistance & Cardio Training
Benefits - A low impact, high calorie burning exercise suitable for all ages and abilities.  The Rower/Ski Erg helps build strength and endurance by working the entire body in an efficient, rhythmic motion.

Bosu/Stability Ball

Stability & Core Training
Benefits - Improves muscle tone, increases muscle endurance and strength, restores/improves flexibility and enhances spinal stability.  The Bosu/Stability Ball complements resistance and aerobic training programs, assists with weight loss, and improves balance, posture and coordination.

Cable Weight Machine

Full Body Strength Training
Benefits:  A versatile machine that increases muscle strength, targets multiple muscle groups and has a large range of motion.


Full Body Balance, Strength Training & Stretching
Benefits: The TRX can be set up anywhere, benefits people of all fitness levels and increases muscular endurance.  It also increases core strength, assists with balance and improves body mechanics.


Strength Training
Benefits - Improves grip, challenges core and stabilizers, improves balance and coordination.

Foam/Rumble Rollers

Stretching & Pain Relief
Benefits - The rollers help prevent common exercise-related injuries, increase flexibility and decrease muscle soreness. Gently stretching soft tissue in multiple directions, restores flexibility and brings quick relief to muscular pain.

Lebert Equalizer

Strength, Balance & Core Training
Benefits - Versatile, lightweight and increases muscle endurance.  The user has full control over the amount of body weight used, and increases muscle endurance.

Our Classes

Classes at Hutton House Fitness Studio focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness classes promote active living, are engaging, and revolve around personalized fitness goals such as improving balance, muscle tone, muscle strength, weight loss and improving flexibility.

Our nutrition classes focus on healthy and economical eating, incorporating all 4 food groups, teaching meal planning, and promoting self-sufficiency in meal preparation.

Visit the Calendars & Forms section to view the Fitness Calendar.


Hutton House Now Offers Senior Fitness & Wellness Classes!

Our certified trainers specialize in fitness for seniors. We encourage community members ages 55+ to take advantage of our fully accessible Fitness Centre and trending equipment.

We offer individualized training and small group classes!

Monthly membership is only $15 per month. Personal training is additional, see Fitness staff for details.

To register call: 519-472-6381 or stop in at 654 Wonderland Rd. N (south of Oxford, behind Subway)


Bands for Balance
Wednesdays 9:30am-10:30am
October 1-31st
Improve overall muscle conditioning with an emphasis on balance


Total Body Workout
Mondays 9:30am-10:30am
October 1- 31st
Circuits of different exercises and equipment followed by stretching


FREE Workshops:
Light refreshments will be served. Please let us know during registration of any allergies ahead of time.

Health and Physical Activity
Monthly, 11:00am-12:00pm


Get Fit with Boxing
Fridays 9:30am-10:30am
October 1-31st
Builds better balance, confidence; improves cardio and coordination


Our Volunteers

At Hutton House Fitness Studio we foster a welcoming community for both exercise and experiential learning. Many volunteers at the studio are students studying Kinesiology, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Fitness and Health Promotion, and Psychology from The University of Waterloo, The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College.

Numerous Hutton House Fitness Studio participants have become volunteers at the studio to aid others with their exercise regime, create lasting relationships and to give back to the studio.

For more information on volunteering at Hutton House please visit our Volunteers section or Current Volunteer Opportunities section.

Adaptive Fitness Specialist Certification (AFS)

Our AFS certification is available for support workers, fitness professionals, family members and/or volunteers to work in the area of health and wellness with persons with disabilities.  A manual, workshops, practicum, exams and application for annual upgrading are all requirements of the course.


The Fitness program is supported by: